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A composer, a percussionist, a drummer, a singer – you can bet Jane’s there if you need a musician. Her inability to turn down any musical opportunities has been requiring attention since she first learnt the piano and percussion; and the same goes for sports (never worry anymore if you’re missing a basketball, volleyball, badminton, or even hockey player). Growing up in Hong Kong, Jane was influenced by warm, fuzzy church music, awe-inspiring orchestral masterpieces and light, friendly 00’s pop. Starting with her debut with the world premiere of marimba solo piece With My Heart and appearing as featured artist on radio programmes at the age of ten, Jane’s musical career rolled on to become an avalanche in her life.

Reading English Literature at the University of York, Jane swam between the heaps of books and films exploring the prowess of the literary arts, while gaining interest in the musical counterpart in said films. Discovering the beauty of composition under the tutelage of Roger Marsh, Jane developed an (almost unhealthy) restless yearning for expression and resonance. Studying with music professors from Harvard University and Princeton University, Jane started messing with Ableton and we have heard that since then, she curated DJ mixes to quench her love for diverse pop. At Cambridge, Jeremy Thurlow and Richard Causton taught her Sibelius’ sneaky little tricks during her MPhil in Composition at Newnham College; while two-time Grammy awardee and Edition Peter’s artist Paul Phoenix taught her the importance of consistency in both performance and… cheese. Currently, Jane is happily composing away, once again back in York, under William Brooks for her PhD.

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