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Jane Chan has an extensive musical career in many fields, including performing, composing and arranging music for both art music and theatre. She developed her musical career naturally since a very young age; debuting with the world premiere of marimba solo piece With My Heart and appearing as featured artist on radio programmes at the age of ten. Embracing every orchestral and ensemble experience since she first learnt the piano and percussion, Jane’s composing journey bloomed during her undergraduate years when she studied English Literature at the University of York. Discovering the beauty of composition under the tutelage of Roger Marsh, Jane was overwhelmed by the emotive prowess of the literary and musical arts and developed a restless yearning for expression and resonance. Her works grew in diversity through the close supervision of music professors from Harvard University and Princeton University. At Cambridge, Jane further explored her composing voice with Jeremy Thurlow and Richard Causton during her MPhil in Composition at Newnham College. In the next two years, Jane composed for international music competitions, Radio Television Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, etc. and collaborated with two-time Grammy awardee and Edition Peter’s artist Paul Phoenix in multiple publishing projects. Meanwhile, she also actively participated in competitions such as the Val Tidone International Music Competitions, earning the first prize in its 2019 Chamber Ensemble category. Now, Jane is studying her PhD at York with William Brooks and Stef Conner, and focuses her compositional efforts on research on a context-building approach to new music. Having worked closely with Paul Phoenix, Jane is currently also preparing for a commission and publication project for his ongoing recital tour series, Five Decades of Song. More information about the composer is available at

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